To Stroke My Muse

Fluid thought that spills
out of my head running, flowing across the page.
Drunken thought that stumbles
around the wide open, unrestrained page space.
Intoxicating thought pungently, provokingly wafting through pages of books
propelled by pens and quills of previous writers
who let their thoughts distill into writing,
which created the reservoir for the cascades of water-falling thought and philosophy and science to come; making this world run its course and the people the way they are.
This is the essence of what drives culture,
economies, societies,
and whatever people do and make.
This affecting force that moves each one of us is this intoxicating essence,
this ethereal fluid, this wine of fermented ideas that propels us just as it has
propelled other societies and the creation of other societies.
We each drink of the scotch of ideas everyday, even the
vodka of passion that fills our life.
What can I say about this society driving under the influence
of freedom and independence?
It is just a recent example
describing the power of thought to inspire
the intoxicating idea of revolution and revolt, the seed of
this nation which impregnated the colonies giving birth to what you see here:
a world super power that polices the nations; a nation both reviled and respected by
others. A fulfillment of prophecy? Each person has the power of thought, but each must run their thought though the grape press so that others may drink of its influential nature. Each must do the work to effect others. We are powerful beings who have amazing potentials that have not been realized. Who will wield the wondrous wooing work of the thought? Who will shape the world through their mind? Who will start the work of gleaning the grapes from their fruitful mind and begin to intoxicate the world with the power of their visionary vineyard?
To this day, the voices of the past still move the world. Paths that have been pioneered a long time ago are now paved roads and common to all. Will you rise to the calling of the thought, of the intoxicating vision in your head? Will you start out the new trail no one else dared to trod, while having others follow you into this new frontier? Will you pave the next widely passed over passage?

A lone
up to the

Now who would come and follow this one? Who will dare to add momentum to this cause? Who will dare drink until surrendered to the drunkenness of the though? Who will drink until its influence is all that drives you down its path?

You can read this the way it is supposed to be read by download this PDF: Fluid Thought


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