My Now Rinky-Dink Laptop

Every now and then something happens to a device that you have and it stops working like it originally did. There are two options: buy a new device, or adapt to the new functionality of your present device. Being a complex adaptive system with meager funds, I naturally choose to adapt. This means that, presently, I have only one place in town to connect to the internet. This would be Fred Meyers. Here is a picture of my set up:
Laptop Setup
I dropped my laptop a couple months ago on a tile floor from one foot off the ground. It chipped my case. That’s all I thought happened. Then, my built in wireless stopped working two weeks later. I eventually bought a USB adapter and that worked just fine. Just fine until, my USB ports stopped working consistently. I have backed-up everything on my laptop onto (miraculously) an external USB hard drive. It just worked to back up my files. Afterword, I couldn’t access my files on it, unless I took the drive over to my desktop. However, everything is safe and eventually I’ll have funds to buy a new laptop. Perhaps I’ll find that receipt and be able to claim it under the limited warranty since it worked for properly for such a long time after the fact. We’ll see…


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