A Low Tech Solution To Global Warming

I was just wondering what the world would be like if we all just stepped back from this breakneck pace of life and just let things come at the natural rate that we evolved to take it at. What would it be like if everyone walked places, rode their bike, took waterways, or swam to their destination? I think we would be more relaxed. I suggest that we travel and enjoy our journey (not using fossil fuels, of course).

Sure, sales would fall. Economies would have to become more locale oriented. Instead of buying food that was grown in a different country, shipped overseas, and transported overland via highways, grow your own or buy it from your neighbor. Use electricity when it makes sense. Don’t start a fire for light if a light bulb is much more efficient. Use solar energy, including solar ovens, as much as possible. If we listen to music, listen to it live. Inspire local musicians to perform as often as they could. Perhaps musicians could earn a enough income to make it an actual livelihood.

In a lighter vein,

Two scientists have fought in court,
This experiment, they contend,
and to all of us they exhort,
will bring upon all the world’s end.

But in spite of this odd cohort,
we will just have to wait and see
if reality will support
what happens at the LHC!

Check out these links for more info (and make sure to read the last quote from NY Times):

If this happens, then we won’t have to worry about anything any more. Global warming will be a non-issue. As will global hunger or anything else. This would be the very high-tech solution to global warming. However, It is extremely unlikely that anything besides lots of useful — non-destructive — new data and knowledge will be created by this newfangled contraption.


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