Where’s “The Lost and Found”?

At 9:16 AM Dec 22nd @vincenthunt said, “There are far too many people walking around looking for their passion, and their purpose. I wonder where the ‘lost and found’ is??” Immediately, my mind started thinking about why. I wrote back “The ‘lost and found’ is everyone and it is also deep inside each person waiting. You’ve inspired me to write a blog post.” So here’s the post:

Society at large seems to teach us that we are born, go to school, get a mediocre job, retire, then die. While we’re living we might make some money, we might inadvertently change the world, and we’ll probably buy a few things along the way. This doesn’t strike me as a picture that inspires purpose into a life. In fact it seems to take away purpose.

I think most people think they need a “job”; they think they need to be employed. Most people are raised to think that there is no other way to make an easy living. People also tend to seek the approval of others. Many people probably don’t do this intentionally, rather subconsciously. Maybe they think people won’t approve of them quitting their job and risking their income. Maybe they’re just afraid that they won’t be able to have all of what they do now. That might be true. It might be tough to start a new venture after quiting a job.

Entrepreneurs are more likely to not think this way. If they want something to happen they will go for it. If they see how the world could be different they will convince enough people to make it happen. They will ask for whatever it takes to do it. They won’t be afraid to ask. They won’t think about how weird it might seem. They don’t think about how strange doing something seemingly impossible is to other people. They also have the confidence to know that it can be done and the knowledge and ability to direct it to completion. They know how to work their magic.

Now this is too idealistic. Most entrepreneurs are not one hit wonders. They too must learn their craft. Perhaps a few of them were lucky to have caregivers that taught them the ways of the entrepreneur. I venture that most didn’t have that good fortune. So what makes these people different from you or me? Nothing really. They just saw something and went for it. They probably fell along the way. Everyone falls when they learn to walk.

So what does this have to do with where the “lost and found” is? I think people lose their purpose about the time they realize it’s easier to keep doing what they’re doing: crawling along at some job they can merely put up with. The thing is, people probably still have that purpose inside of them. Buried underneath the seeming impossibility of it all, is a passion they lost track of in the mess that our lives seem to become. Now here is where everyone becomes involved: Everyone is similar at some level. People have needs. If one has a compulsion to do or make something, there are probably a few people out there who would enjoy it or have a need for it. Basically, if you feel compelled to provide an item or a service that brings value to people, you’ll succeed. It seems so simple and feels so counter to our everyday lives; but if you really go for it, you’ll be free from the tyranny of boredom. Just go out there and learn to walk and you’ll do what you enjoy doing. You might just find your passion and purpose.


3 thoughts on “Where’s “The Lost and Found”?

  1. I think that “society at large” about which you speak is the corporate world. They need good little consumers to keep them profitable. That’s why we work and buy so much stuff that we need storage for all the stuff we end up with. ( Excuse me but I’ve been re-reading my Chomsky books. )

    I’ve pretty much quit that world. I don’t need a huge house and all it’s accouterments, ie: mortgage, car loans, credit card debts, et al. My wife and I are working toward the simple life and a 4 hour work week. That way we’ll have what matters to us most: time. Time to explore, create, learn, or even waste as we see fit.

  2. I really like this article because you made some good points in regard to how people think they “need” to be employed or live a certain way because of the way they were raised. I feel your point of view even though I too was brought up that way. You know: to go elementary, junior high, high school, and college, get a decent job, raise a family, and try to retire in this life time. I think that we all have the ability to go out and do whatever we want; we’re just scared of change and uncertainty. I believe that people feel threatened or offended by people who go against the norm. Everyone as children start off creative and imaginative and believe we can do anything and everything. Then as we grow older and get told what we can and cannot do, that’s when we start losing out dreams. There have been times I’ve lost sight of my dreams but now I’m back to letting myself get back to me. Like you said, the lost and found is within us. We get so caught up with the world around us and like you said, constantly “seeking for approval” from everyone that we lose sight of what it is that we want out of life; forgetting that we can create our own world. I realized that no one is going to care about my life and my dreams more than me. So its up to me to wake up and make it a reality.

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