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A Saturday’s Adventure

I had a fun excursion today and here are some pictures and a map to go with it. First I’ll tell you why I wanted to do this. As you might know, I used to drive a taxi (I think I still need to update that on the about me page). There was a faire that we would pick up close to the top of Vineyard Mountain. Every time I passed by certain points, I would think to myself, “I really need to come up here and take some pictures.” So, I did. Unfortunately, they were only taken with my cellphone. I hadn’t premeditated doing this. I just decided I would as I was biking away from my apartment. I didn’t really have a plan, it just happened.

I would compare this to my random journeys I’ve taken in the past. I randomly decided to walk to the capitol building when I was in Lincoln, NE. I didn’t have a bike so, I walked. It turns out that the building should have been closed. It was Memorial Day. But apparently, someone left a door open and I got to take an unguided tour all the way up to the fourteenth floor balcony. I also randomly went on a 30 mile bike ride with my buddies in college a few years later. It has been enough time (only about five years).

So, without further ado…

A map of my adventure (almost)
According to Google Maps, this route is exactly six miles (that’s just one way). However, I’m sure that since I took a longer route it was more than that. I took the bike trail from my place south to Harrison, then went to 29th street and stopped at the Co-op for lunch, and then continued on to Walnut. That’s where the map becomes accurate.
When I got to the top of the hill on Highland Dr, right by Lester Ave, I snapped this picture:
Atop the hill off Highland Dr.
Then I continued down the hill and past Crescent Valley High School. I then snapped this as I was biking past it:
James Ave.
I continued down and then up to the base of Vineyard Mountain.
At the base of Vineyard Mountain
I then looked up and saw this:
The Ascent
I biked up this for a while until I came to a really steep part. I then walked up that hill since I couldn’t bike up it without my chain slipping off my rear gear assembly. When the slope approached what I thought would work I got back on my bike. I stopped when I was almost to the overlook that I wanted to get to and took some pictures:
I continued on and finally made it:
I then proceeded to eat a protein bar and then coast down the mountain. It was quite a ride down on a bike. It was much faster than going down Witham Hill where I live. I’m sure that I reached speeds in excess of 35 MPH.