Today is really Square Day!

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Subject: Happy Square Day!
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2009 17:24:39 -0600
From: Roger Hill
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Hi all,

Recently there was something in the news about “Square Root Day”,
03/03/09, and Richard Nelson circulated an E-mail about it. I was
corresponding with a friend about this, and he suggested asking what
you would get if you just ran the day, month, and 4-digit year
together as MMDDYYYY and looked for perfect squares. For example,
today in American-style notation is 3/05/2009 which runs together as
the number 3052009.

So I checked on that, and was rather startled to discover that the
nearest “square day” is actually TODAY! Happy Square Day!!

Naturally I had to turn a computer loose on the problem, so using
Excel I found that today is only the 6th square day since 1900 (which
is as far back as Excel deals with dates). The last one was
9/01/2004. But the next one is only a few weeks away, 4/01/2009 (no
fooling!). After that, you’ll have to wait till 2/26/2016.

If (like me) you favor the YYYY/MM/DD notation, today is not a square
day but the next one will be 2015/11/21. I have not yet tried to
figure it out for the European-style (DDMMYYYY) format.

— Roger

(P.S. I’m sending this to both the HHC and the CHIP lists; sorry if
you get it twice as a result.)

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